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Hungry Shark Evolution v11.1.3 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, God Mode)


Adventure into the deep sea world with Hungry Shark Evolution. Control your ferocious hungry shark and eat everything on its way. It is really a mysterious and fascinating adventure under the ocean, and you can even encounter ancient sea creatures. The vast ocean will have no room for weakness and benevolence. If you can’t help your shark do the most thorough sweep, it will starve and die. At this point, your game also receives a failure result.

Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival game


Enjoy relaxing moments with Hungry Shark Evolution – An offline survival game, you will be like being dropped into the real deep-sea thanks to the extremely realistic 3D graphics of the game. Scenes previously only seen in movies are now brought to life in your adventure.

The hungry shark’s journey will go from the depths of the sea to the upper layers of the sea and will even destroy ships above the sea. It is also provided with a rocket set to sweep across the vast universe on some special levels. Shipwrecks, deep whirlpools or colorful corals will make the scene look very realistic. In addition to the common sea creatures, you can also encounter ancient creatures such as Great White or Megalodon. Although quite difficult, you must fight them to continue the adventure.


After passing the rounds on his devastating journey, the shark will receive rewards, coins as well as gems. Accumulate and use these treasures to buy new sharks and exciting accessories. You can unleash your creativity on your shark with the store’s eye-catching costumes. Let it be so different in the ocean.

Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival game

In addition, you can buy more baby sharks to make your destruction stronger. You can use coins, or take advantage of special events from the issuer. Although they are baby sharks, do not underestimate their strength. Not only in the power, they also make the game so cute. Collect a squad of sharks of all genres, your ocean sweep will be colorful, and you will become the terror of the vast ocean.


Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival is designed offline. No need for wifi can still play. However, when there is wifi, you can do some more tasks and watch ads to get more coins and gems. Your job is to move the money shark forward, eat everything you see on the road, sometimes you even have to attack the fishermen’s boats. It’s really not good at all. However, this is just a game, so don’t worry.

You can operate using the controls directly on the touch screen or select the movement mode by tilting the phone. In the intuitive tilt mode, which will give you a more realistic feel, sometimes you automatically tilt in the direction of the shark’s movement. It is really worth the experience. However, to play in this mode, you must have a comfortable sitting position and limit lying down. Your phone also needs to be functionally supported. Please take note.

Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival game


Create a crowded school of sharks by collecting as many baby sharks. They will clean up the food around you that you missed. Your sweeping speed will be faster and cleaner. However, you will have to spend a large number of gems to get them.

Eat, eat and eat. Grow your sharks by feeding them a lot. This is the only way the shark can help your shark grow up fast. The bigger it gets, the more it can eat, even creatures that you can’t touch in early levels, but they will also be destroyed when the shark is big enough. Of course, upgrading the shark also requires money.

Save coins and gems to collect Megalodon for yourself. It is the strangest creature in the ocean. Possessing it in your hand, you will become a terror to anything around you. However, if you can’t unlock it yet, take advantage of the booster items in the shop to upgrade your other sharks so that they won’t be too much of a hindrance in the process of hunting.

Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival game


A lot of sharks in the old version are edited and improved in strength. The addition of powerful new creatures that are Shar-khan, Abyssaurus Rex, and Aaron the Destruktor, really will make a significant change in Hungry Shark Evolution – Offline survival this season.


  • Discover more than a dozen distinct sharks and other fintastic animals as you go through the game.
  • Explore an open environment both above and below the waters, and learn about the creatures that live there.
  • Take pleasure in stunning 3D visuals and acoustic effects.
  • Discover and consume exotic animals from the depths of the ocean.
  • Recruit Baby Sharks to help you increase your predatory abilities.
  • Equip yourself with amazing equipment like as lasers, jetpacks, and top hats!
  • Find and gather Bonus Objects that have sunk to the bottom of the sea.
  • Make a name for yourself by taking on a variety of difficult assignments.
  • Gold Rush should be activated in order to live longer and score better.
  • Participate in frequent in-game activities to be eligible to win limited edition gifts.
  • Toss a few punches using simple touch or tilt controls.
  • Play without being connected to the internet — no Wi-Fi required!
  • Easily synchronize your game across many Android devices.

Hungry Shark Evolution v11.1.3 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money, God Mode) Download

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