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Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK (Menu/Craft, unlock, immortality) 1.22.0

The most dangerous is when the new character starts in the game Last Day on Earth. At that time, neither experience nor equipment was available, you needed to brace yourself to find a ray of hope when humanity was being almost completely destroyed. The threat does not stop at infectious factors, but even zombies have turned against humans. A scenario no one wants but you have no other choice but to face it. Fighting enemies causes great disaster, fighting even those who were once allies. If PUBG is a game that just requires collecting weapons and fighting, then Last Day on Earth APK you need to do more to survive.

Last Day on Earth Survival MOD

Last Day on Earth – A harsh life of survival

You need to search for everything around to collect to survive from eating and drinking. From the most basic jobs are available in the game Last Day on Earth, so you are introduced to an extremely harsh life. Weapons are used not only to fight against crowds of mutant zombies, you have to use it to hunt animals as well. With a large map system, you can set foot anywhere.

Gameplay is based on reality

Start with just a pair of shorts, which is your starting capital. No different from a primitive life, you must stand up and regain your source of life. Ahead are collectable resources and threats. The Earth now no longer seems as peaceful as in the past. The only way is to have the courage to stand up. If you run away, you will definitely not be able to escape the pursuing zombies. They are everywhere, very numerous and dangerous!

Hardcore mode challenges masters

Are you looking for a high difficulty challenge? Last Day on Earth: Survival will be full of tasks that are not easy to overcome. Challenges will be renewed each season, so try to have a good position from time to time. Online play opens when you clear the western wall of the map. Here many special costumes will appear, you can also interact with many other people.

Supports automatic play

For some basic operations such as resource collection, you can choose automatic mode. The character collects surrounding resources instead of needing direct control. During busy times you should use this feature. It is very useful, the player does not need to pay attention while the character is active. However, remember to choose a safe location first.

Last Day on Earth MOD

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a place for those who want to experience the feeling of longing for life. You must do everything to survive and endure indescribable feelings. How long will you last based on your ability? Download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD, this question will soon be answered. Now scroll down to let answer a few questions related to this game.

Last Day on Earth MOD download


How to play Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC?

First you need to install an Android emulator, we recommend using NOX. Install NOX here. Next you can install the game like on a normal phone through this software.

How to get water?

In addition to the 3 free bottles of water given from the start of the game (check your inventory if you haven't used them yet), there are 2 other ways as follows.
Collect water from plane crashes, enemy bases...
Craft Rain Catcher: Requires level 6 and requires the following items (2x Scrap Metal, 3x Piece of Cloth, 10x Pine Log). After 10 minutes, a water bottle will be filled, please pay attention and use it.

How to get fabric?

There are also two ways to get fabric in the game Last Day on Earth: Survival, you can refer to.
Search and get fabric by looting monster bodies and AI players.
When you reach level 18 you can use the sewing table, but to make it we need 20x Pine Plank, 15x Iron Bar, 5x Rubber Parts. We will turn plant fibers into thick fabric using this tool.

How do I upgrade my walls and floors?

It's very simple, just look at the image below to understand immediately.upgrade walls

How to kill the Big one?

What you need to have, prepare now.
Military bag.
5x pistol.
80x medical kit (minimum 60).
30x milestone food (optional).
High resolution armor set.
When fighting, run to the top right or top near the area to make it easier to run away.

Where to find steel?

Raid at new bosses' houses or even faster, you can clear the farm, the blue crate usually has 3 copper bars.

How to get aluminum bars?

You must obtain the Melting Furnace, which requires level 6. After separating 10 limestone ores and 5 iron ores for the furnace, you will be able to create aluminum bars. The first is to melt 2x Aluminum Wire into 1x Aluminum Bar. Your second option is to melt 4x Bauxite into 1x Aluminum Bar. Time to complete can range from 26 to 60 minutes.

Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK (Menu/Craft, unlock, immortality) for Android

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