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Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v11.3.1


Are you a Zombie-themed game enthusiast? Do you want to immerse yourself in a Zombie world where trees, fruits, and plants fight the hideous Zombies from the underground? If so, let’s come to Plants vs Zombies 2 from the legendary game developer Popcap, it will not disappoint you.
Introduce about Plants vs Zombies 2
What is Plants vs Zombies 2?

Plants vs Zombies 2 is a strategic game where you can use a variety of plants and trees to fight off invasions of zombies at any time from night to morning. You need to collect, accumulate, and learn a variety of plants and their functions so that you can use them appropriately for each different round.

When you first start, you will be allowed to choose which plants you want to use for your strategy. In battle, your most important resource is sunlight which can help you grow plants to make a garden with 3-5 lanes depending on the round.

So, you need to plant sunflowers, which are an abundant source of sunlight. Remember that when at night, the sun flower’s rate of sunlight production will be slower than during the day. After collecting enough resources to plant other plants, it is time for the first Zombies to appear. You must decide whether to plant offensive plants or plant defensive plants. A little trick is to always balance attack and defense because zombies have very strong blood from the first ones and they are capable of eating all kinds of plants, except those planted deep in the soil.

Another note is that the movement speed of zombies or game speed will increase over time and in stages. Zombies will go faster, and more powerful types will appear at the end of the round. Then if you do not prepare early, it can lead to the risk of an unprecedented invasion, the zombie will come to your house and the game’s over. So, try to prepare a reasonable battle plan!

In addition, in case the Zombie eats all the plants in the lane, do not worry because the last secret weapon will be active, which is the grass cutters in front of your house. These ‘last weapons’ can run over and kill all zombies in that lane if a Zombie touches it.

And one more thing, because Zombies will not be able to change the attack lane, so don’t worry!

Moreover, the game also develops a Survival mode. There will still be familiar gardens, but you will not be able to choose plants at the beginning of the game. You will have an extra carousel where the plants can appear randomly. You choose, arrange and use the plants to be able to survive until the game ends. It requires you to use your brain. So, if you are a flexible person who improvises in situations, this is the game mode for you.

This is not a strong point of PvZ 2 in today’s era of image technology. However, the graphics used by the game developer here is HD animation technology, so it still has a certain attraction for players, especially children. The game offers interesting shapes and movements of plants or the horror through the forearm bones of the Zombie exposed after being attacked.
Outstanding new features 

The Pow function was added to give players a special skill of plants. In addition, in urgent and dangerous situations, you can activate Thunder from the sky to rescue the plants on your land.
The variety of plant species 

The Zombie system has been reworked with more diversity and newness compared to part 1. Moreover, the difficulty will be increased to attract more players to the game. Along with that is the appearance of many new plants compared to its predecessor. With the number of up to hundreds of plant species, players can diversify their tactics in each different round.
Many new modes and new maps appear

In addition, Popcap has designed an Adventure mode with more than 50 different levels. Each round will have different challenges as well as different weather conditions and times such as day, night, fog, on the roof, and in the pool.

Popcap has released many new lands, and new designs for gardens such as the setting in the desert with abandoned train tracks, the setting on the legendary pirate ship of the Caribbean, or even the setting in the Egyptian pyramids. Moreover, many more new features developed are waiting for you to discover.

Also, you can meet other players in Arena mode. Your task is to defeat them based on your arranging and planting skills. Try to win with the highest score to get money and a high rank on the leaderboard!

MOD APK version of Plants vs Zombies 2
  1. MOD featuresUnlimited Coins
  2. Unlimited Diamonds
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