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Tanks vs Bugs MOD APK (High Health/Damage) 1.2.1


Download Tanks vs Bugs mod – Tanks fight against giant insect forces

On the battlefield, you and your teammates will each control a tank. Use virtual keys or touch the screen directly to determine the tank's path. When entering levels, you will immediately encounter certain species of bugs. Use powerful firepower to destroy them. Both tanks and bugs have their own health bars to display vitality. As for tanks, they have additional energy bars to perform unique skills. The merciless war between tanks and insects will only end until one side is completely destroyed. Be careful because you won't know what type of insect you have to face until you're in the level.

Tanks vs Bugs mod apk

Collect the most powerful tanks

Our forces - tanks are all top fighting machines. Having great destructive power and possessing many skills to fight insects. Each tank has 6 empty slots to equip weapons on it. Most weapons are components and can be found in levels. Each type of tank has its own name and design, giving it its own uniqueness. Take the mysterious black Photons out onto the battlefield. Cryo is basic but powerful, not inferior to many other names. There are tanks with one gun barrel, two barrels, and even a giant machine gun. Equip all the essentials and enter the battlefield.

Tanks vs Bugs mod apk free

Confront dangerous insects

In real life, there are many types of insects with many different body characteristics and defense mechanisms. All of those characteristics are shown in Tanks vs Bugs very clearly. You will see that the bees will use their tails to attack the tanks. It's similar to how a bee stings in real life. Or spiders will spin webs to slow down moving tanks. Based on their quite dangerous mechanism of trapping prey in the wild. That's why before each battle, see who your next opponent will be. Choose the right tanks to overcome the insect's defense and attack capabilities, taking one step towards victory.

Tanks vs Bugs mod free

Complete skill combination

If there is only firepower from tank cannons, it will be difficult to win for a long time. Insect forces will become more numerous and more closely linked. Moreover, they are also commanded by leading lords who are not easy to deal with. Tanks were forced to develop their new powers. Unlock many unique skills such as firing missiles, increasing speed and healing for yourself and your teammates. A squad of many tanks will bring many skills to the battlefield. Combined together so perfectly that no one had trouble fighting. That is the only tactical element and is also very simple for players to grasp. Apply to win with the whole team.

Tanks vs Bugs free

The confrontation between tanks and insects will never end. As long as there are still many insects, the tanks will carry out the mission of destroying them. Combine multiple tanks together to create the most perfect squad. Invite more friends to join and fight the insects with you. Tanks vs Bugs brings exciting cohesion and interaction between players. Exciting and dramatic moments will happen continuously. Create great experiences and unforgettable memories of a family game like Tanks vs Bugs mod.

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