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Westland Survival MOD APK (Menu, Immortality/Damage/Craft) 7.3.0


Download Westland Survival mod – Survive and fight to destroy bad guys

On the vast steppes, players will start by looking for shelter for the cold night. You also need to find a piece of wood to make a bow and arrow. Danger is always everywhere on the vast steppe, not only bad people but also wild animals can have a bad influence on you. The resources available here are enough for players to exploit such as wood and animals. Survive using things available in nature and find ways to destroy the bad guys. Perhaps your mission in the game is to make this land free of robbers and a bribe-taking police system.

Westland Survival mod download

Survive in the wilderness

There are many things here for you to exploit to maintain life, but there are always hidden dangers beyond your calculations. Daily life is associated with hunting deer and other animals. Besides, the character also does other things such as mining and cutting wood. To survive and live, we must accept the actions of a farmer. Once you have settled in, it will be time to move on to other activities.

Westland Survival mod android

Eliminate the gang

The dominance of gangs is a real concern for honest people in general and Lone Star individuals in particular. The police no longer care about their job, they just take money from bad people and ignore all the bad things that are going on. From an ambush survivor to the life of a wanderer, you need to avenge your friends. Eliminate bad guys and gangs operating in the area. They have many dangerous weapons such as guns, prepare the guns to be ready to fight. This is a long war to destroy the evil people.

Manufacturing equipment and supplies

In addition to food and water, you also need some other necessary items such as weapons. At least you must have a bow and arrow to ensure safety when encountering unexpected situations. From things available in nature, players need to create items. This is considered an interesting activity in Westland Survival. It is close to everyday life.

Westland Survival mod free

Taming wild animals

There are many wild animals around you, initially they are a danger to humans. But players can tame the animals to become harmless and gentle animals. In addition, you can raise more horses. Using it as a means of transportation instead of walking will shorten the time a lot.

Westland Survival mod apk

Luck has helped you survive, now it's time to find and eliminate the evil people. Make them take bullets or be hanged. Although there are many bad guys and cooperate with the police, you cannot give up this mission. Download Westland Survival mod to overcome survival challenges and fight gangs.

download & install Westland Survival MOD APK (Menu, Immortality/Damage/Craft) for Android

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